FREE GROWTH WORKSHOP & Training for Independent Insurance Agency Owners, Producers, Brokers and Aggregators/Networks/Alliances:

“Discover How I Took Just One Artisan Contractor Micro-Niche And Wrote $922,952 in NEW Commercial Insurance Premium...In Less Than 90 Days

Learn the exact 3-step framework and blueprint I used to earn over $115,369 in NEW commercial P&C commissions (agency revenue $) without cold-calling, sending spammy messages, going to endless networking events or begging for referrals...

The Commercial Insurance Growth Workshop Teaches Three Things:

  • How to pick the right industry niche and become a highly-respected "Specialist", so you can crush your competition (the incumbent agent).

  • How to generate more high-quality leads. Build high quality lists and only target decision-makers, so you land larger "dream client" deals.

  • Reveals the REAL reasons why your commercial book of business isn't growing and how to fix it. Giving you the inside secrets to building, growing and scaling a multi-million-dollar book.

This FREE PDF "Commercial Insurance Growth Playbook™ & Worksheets" provides valuable tips to help you pick the right industry niche, build a custom-tailored "risk management and insurance program", dominate your competition and land larger "dream client" accounts.

©2023 High Performance Producer Brands, LLC

©2023 High Performance Producer Brands, LLC